Introducing One Big Friend

One Big Friend

When Rhonda was nine years old, she wrote a song she called “One Big Friend.”  I got a friend.  You got a friend.  Why don’t we put ‘em all together and make one big friend?  She didn’t sing the song to anyone but herself for another twenty years.  She just sang it softly as she went around her neighborhood looking for someone to play with.

Don’t get me wrong.  Rhonda was not a lonely child.  Everyone wanted to play with Rhonda.  This hasn’t changed much, really.  She’s still a popular girl.  Lots of friends.

The idea of One Big Friend stuck with her.  Why can’t we introduce our friends to our friends, and they introduce their friends to their friends, and on and on?

Moreover, why shouldn’t we really be friends, helping each other as needed?  Teaching each other how we make things go right for ourselves and our friends and their friends?

And we can play together, too, you know.  Really have fun!

We might, together, replenish the earth, create a civilization without insanity, corruption, war, and criminality.

Why not?  Let’s introduce our friends to each other.  Let’s meet new ones ourselves.  Let us teach, laugh, love, play together.  Let’s make the earth ONE BIG FRIEND, one person, one community at a time, and let’s do it now.  Is there a reason to wait?  No.  There is every reason to rush into it.

Well that is we are doing.  We are launching the One Big Friend Wave right now!

One of the things we will be doing is a series of concerts – just around the country we live in, for starters, but expanding from there.  These won’t be just Rhonda going around singing her wonderful music with her wonderful voice, although there will be plenty of that.

It will really be a travelling fair.  Before and often after the concerts, there will be people ready to help others learn how to race up the way to happiness for themselves, get along with each other better, play together in a big way.  There will be experts showing and telling how to grow your own food, generate your own electricity, make clothes, cook like a master, teach like a mentor.

We will also be producing other types of shows.  Live shows, films, radio and television plays that we hope will inspire people to join the wave!  Of course, we’ll be expanding our website to include it all, and not just the products of Rhonda and Robert.  Maybe yours, too.

Let’s get together.  Let’s all get together and make one big friend.  You, me, everyone we know, and everyone else.

Friends, right?  Join us.  Play with us.  You can help, too.  Contact us at

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Rhonda LaRoy, Founder of We're Gonna Make It Right

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