We’re Gonna Make It Right Chords

We’re Gonna Make It Right
by Rhonda LaRoy
Arranged by Peco [aka Peter C. Giardina]
(Bb minor)

(Intro) //: Db Ab

(Chorus) Bbm/ Bbm DbAb/ Bbm/Bbm AbEb/ Bbm/Bbm DbAb/ Bbm/Bbm DbAb/

(Hook) Bbm Ab/Fm Eb/Bbm Db/Ab Ab/ Bbm Ab/Fm Eb/DbBbm Ab Bbm AbBbmAb *

(Verse) w/ska rhythm = Chorus Harmony, but with different element of rhythm.
Bbm Bbm/DbAb Bbm Bbm/AbEb Bbm Bbm/DbAb Bbm Bbm/DbAb://3X’s

*(After the 3rd repetition of the Hook, artists could take off with some awesome free-form solos. They’d have Rhonda’s vocal riff in the beginning – “Oh Yeah, We’re Gonna Make It Right, Here Tonight” – then insert their improvised solo before Rhonda’s final “Oh Yeah” ending.)